Epic Spring Skiing Predicted By The Weather Cactus

Epic Spring Skiing Predicted By The Weather Cactus

Spring skiing is great. It doesn’t matter if you are skiing locally at Grouse Mountain or travelling to Whistler or Big White for your Spring skiing fix. Here at The Destination Slope and Surf Outfitters we have a wonderful snow forecaster...

– The Christmas Cactus - 

She already has her boot on and she blossoms just before it snows because she gets so excited to ski. She also has a great story.

Many years ago a 5 year old Jason was brought to us to sign up for our Kids Lease Program after he grew out of his first set of gear.

Learn more about our kids Lease Program Here

He stayed on our Lease until his teens and joined us as a part time employee from High school through University. He graduated with a Forestry degree and little hope for an actual job so moved to Full Time work with us. Two years later he got a job offer in California but felt terrible about leaving us. When he came back from his interview he brought the cactus in his very first ski boot.

After about five years I picked up the boot to water the plant and it shattered ! I was heartbroken thinking I had killed the cactus. I contacted Jason who said - just replant it into a bigger boot – save it’s soil and put fresh soil underneath and away you go.

So here she is 25 or 26 years old and still showing off her fancy colors just before it snows!  And as always, two weeks ago she bloomed and look what happened with the snow forecast after a long bought of warm weather bringing rain with bouts of dry spells.  Spring powder here we come!

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