We are Vancouver’s Favourite Custom Bootfitters taking "my boots hurt" out of your vocabulary. At Destination Slope and Surf Outfitters, we've got the solution to your ski boot woes: custom ski and snowboard boot fitting... and now hiking boots too!

If it’s true that no two feet are the same is it also true that no two ski boots are the same? Turns out that they don’t make them like that. Both ski and snowboard boots are manufactured around a last (model foot) that the designer hopes will fit a lot of feet. In fact, even the left and right boot are exactly the same when you take them out of the box. 

Picture this: you're on the slopes, carving up the mountain like a pro, when suddenly your feet start screaming for mercy. It's like they're trapped in a medieval torture device. But fear not, because our custom ski boot fitting service is here to save the day... and your feet.

Our team of expert boot fitters will work their magic to ensure that your ski boots fit like a glove (or should we say, like a ski boot?). They will use their top notch listening skills and take precise notes on your feet, analyze your skiing style, and consider any specific foot issues or preferences you may have. It's like getting a tailor-made suit, but for your feet!

With custom ski, snowboard and hiking boot fitting, you'll experience a whole new level of comfort and performance on the slopes and in the mountains. No more blisters, no more numb toes, and definitely no more awkward wiggling in the lift lines or applying moleskin mid hike. You'll be able to focus on what really matters: shredding the gnar, summiting that peak and having a blast!

So, what are you waiting for? Your feet will thank you.


We have made a permanent change to how we boot fit at The Destination. We now require an appointment for all boot fitting and new ski and snowboard boot purchases. This allows a more direct and personal interaction with each customer.

Same fitting service. Same fitters. More streamlined.



Our Team's Ability To Be Good Listeners

The kind of fit you need to start with is determined by your aggression, physical fitness, and body size. Our skilled boot fitters will question you to help decide which end of the tightness scale will best suit you on the slopes. You need to know this because the tighter a boot fits the better it steers your skis or board – BUT- the tighter it fits the more it will affect the problem bones and muscles in your foot.

Understanding The Elasticity Of The Materials

Your bootfitter has to translate what you have said about your aggression and ability and pick a flext that is right for you. Then taking consideration to specific changes to the shape of your boot to tailor fit your foot.

Your Physiology

The biomechanics of your feet, ankles, knees and hips are all affected by the forces you generate on the slopes and the kind of boot you have on your feet

The Importance of Footbeds

It stands to reason that the more changeable the materials used the better the job the bootfitter can do. The best of footbeds are moldable casts that take a custom imprint of your foot. This stabilizes the range of motion that your foot will exhibit and increases the mechanical force you can put on your edges. It also helps your bootfitter be more precise. Problem bones will be easier to find and mark on the liners and shells of your boots. Stretching at these points will allow much more comfort while maintaining a secure fit for better control.