Get ready for the ski season!

Get ready for the ski season!

Labor Day has just passed and before you know it Thanksgiving is here and everyone starts to think ski season. Why not get a jump on the line ups and clean out your ski closet now? If you have a young family you will want the kids to be trying  on all the gear to see what still fits, what can be passed down and what can be donated or traded in at your favourite ski or snowboard store.
Most ski stores offer a trade in/buyback program for ski and snowboard equipment and The Destination Slope and Surf Outfitters is no different. Well actually we are a little different. Our trade in program spans 3 seasons with a sliding scale of trade in percentages (50%/35%/25%). This allows for slow growing, or passing down within the family but you can still get some value 3 seasons after purchase. Where we also differ from the other stores, we offer trade ins on adult gear if it was purchased for a teenager. Most boys by the time they are 13 they have adult sized feet, but they are still growing so we still have you covered.
Now you have checked the kid’s equipment, let’s look at their clothing and accessories. If your kids are like my kids were, chances are they are missing single gloves or socks; their goggles are missing; they have outgrown their helmet…. You get the picture.

Here is a handy checklist to help prepare:

  • Jacket - must be waterproof for the coastal conditions
  • Pants - must be waterproof for the coastal conditions
  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Gloves or Mittens
  • Ski/Snowboard Socks
  • Base Layers 
  • Neck warmer 
  • Toque

This is a good start. Come in early as we sell out of helmets quickly and our first shipments of kids clothing are already through the doors.

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